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Although Mexico is a nation full of artists and highly developed creative individuals, we rarely innovate in procedures or bring fresh ideas in business, communications or advertising.

The current revolution in media, the impending departure of the traditional media of the field of marketing, advertising or business and the solid entry of “new” alternative media, force a pause to advertising agencies, marketers and advertisers. We need to rethink the way for the most appropriate strategies to achieve our market objectives.

Social networks, Internet, Blogs, Twitter and other social markers have set the standard very clear about what is happening in the world of communication.

The question is: Are countries like Mexico ready for this adjustment model?

In the medium term, we are all immersed in these new media, but now we are experiencing the transition. Mexico has at present 27.6 million Internet users ( # x) that means that only ¼ of the total population are connected to the Internet. Beyond the cold data, this is an example of why we are not ready to fully enter the new techniques and alternative media strategies.

For now, due to the low Internet penetration in Mexico, and mobile (79 million users in Mexico, just over Peru in the Americas) we are doomed to continue using traditional media as a vehicle to spread messages and advertising. It will be necessary to mix the traditional and alternative media. Make a hybrid in the time of the media mix until gradually erase this terrible technological backwardness and we can fully enter the virtual world.


The way the media do business with advertisers directly affects the role of advertising agencies. At least this is true in some cities in Mexico.

The goal of any mass media is: To inform, educate and entertain. That’s it. That’s why they’re made for.  They should take care of their contents, the proposed communication. But in Mexico, does not happen that way. Here the mass media, especially outside Mexico City, are dedicated to pursue the offering advertisers space in their facilities and adding as excellent plus, free advertising.

Where are the advertising agencies?

Many advertisers see this phenomenon as a great opportunity to save costs and not pay an advertising agency for the ads. The reality is that what they really do is put in the hands of strangers the fate of their brands.

Who writes the spots in the media? On many occasions the speakers, who have no idea what the requirements of the brand are.

What is your competition? Where your differentiators? What their target market? Who your target audience?

People in the media they only wants to sell spaces and fill them with whatever. If they treat the contents of their media this way, How will they deal with an advertiser’s brand?

Are bad enough content on television, radio and newspaper, to add yet cheap, poorly made advertising that usually leads to a bad name to agencies and advertisers.