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Nobody knows how the future will be tomorrow, but today we are educating children who will lead the fate of the planet by 2040.

With what kind of education system are we educating our kids?

And under what beliefs?

Modern society has classified the error as a synonym for failure and there is a strong emotional charge around that belief that is printed on the minds of all students from the classroom in elementary school and is constantly reinforced throughout their academic lives.

We seldom stop to think that is precisely the error, and lack of fear to him what triggers the creative capacity of human beings. If you’re not prepared to be wrong, never will be ready to create something original, different, unique.

Children are not afraid to make mistakes. Usually they are not afraid to take risks and there is no difficulty for them to paint a green sky and blue grass, only to find out how it would look.

Without fear of been judge for the authority on that decision. Creativity is inherent in human beings. The error is part of a search process and has no positive or negative value simply is part of the journey to find new ways, different ideas, and unique solutions.

Educational systems worldwide assignments nest in the same way: first math and language, after the end of humanities and arts list.


Because from it’s beginning, the education systems of the world were created to meet the labor needs of industrialization. Before the nineteenth century did not exist anywhere Educational Systems. Hence the hierarchy of subjects and their practical importance in the “Real World”

Although this idea unconsciously continues to this day:

“Do not do music, no dancing, no paint, no drawings … you can not make a living doing that. You’ll never get a real job”

There are a lot of incredibly talented and creative people in the world who do not know or do not believe that they are.

Human intelligence is diverse, is not restricted to mathematical logic or vision aerospace.

For Dr. Howard Gardner there are eight human intelligences:

Linguistic intelligence

Logical-mathematical intelligence


Musical intelligence

Kinetics-Body Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence-


Naturalist Intelligence

To the extent that we understand this diversity of features in our human nature and using the same commitment to teaching painting as we use to teach math, we will begin to provide our children with the necessary tools to assimilate the world to provide valuable ideas, unique ideas that are likely to be the result of many previous errors and mistakes, but if we turn this concept of “error” in an improvement and not in a failure those ideas will revolutionize the way we understand this world.

We still do not know how tomorrow will be the only thing we know for sure is that the first step towards the future, whatever it is, we are giving today. At this very moment.