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To Clay Shirky, in the history of humanity have occurred five major changes in the media strong enough to be considered “Revolutions.”

The first one was the birth of printing in the fifteenth century, then it was the birth of the telegraph and radio, the invention of cinema and photography and the arrival of television.

The characteristics of these media is that they are good at communication one by one as the telegraph or telephone, but are not good for generating groups. And the media that are good for creating groups are also very bad for one to one communication such as radio and television.

The formats of communication one to one and one to many were well established in the twentieth century, but in the last 16 years, the birth of the Internet has completely changed this picture.

The World Wide Web has changed the media landscape so much that it has absorbed and distributed other digital media content from the Internet itself.

Today, radio, TV, Movies, magazines, photographs, newspapers, etc. can be obtained digitally from the Web.

In addition to this, which is itself a huge change in the history of the media, the Internet opened the door and combined the best of all other media creating a new format: Many to many messages.

It ended forever the era in which messages were created exclusively by professionals and the contents released centrally through a radio station, a printing press or a television channel.

No, today we all have the same tools and can send messages to large numbers of people simultaneously. The media has a new meaning because now it’s free, it’s cheap and it’s for everybody. Now every consumer has become, also a producer.

Today the challenge is to understand the groups that form around common interests and organize the messages without attempting to control these groups. This centralized censorship no longer exists and it will never return.

The question today is: How do we create better content in these new media?